Public Transit Tracking

With the public transit tracking feature, it is possible to keep communities informed of the precise location of public transit vehicles. This is a feature that has been gaining rapid popularity in the last few years. By knowing the precise location of public transit vehicles, the wait time at stops can be reduced, providing improved satisfaction.

VARs can offer this application as a service, or can generate advertising revenue from the high traffic websites.

For many companies this application could represent a new source of revenue.

Among the most important features of the Public Transit Tracking app include:

  • RUNS ON PUBLIC OR PRIVATE WEB SITES Our platform runs efficiently on websites with either public or private access.
    • PUBLIC WEB SITES. Show the exact location of any specific public transportation unit. Can be used for local, intercity and interstate public transportation.
    • PRIVATE WEB SITES. The access to the website is restricted. Only members of a certain community have access to the location of the transportation units. Such is the case of an educational institution, which can be viewed on the web using the access key for each student.
    • These devices are installed on the internal front top of the bus, where they are visible to all passengers. Typically, they can display more than 300 different ads. The administration of the ads is from the platform. This is a very effective way of advertising because it allows communicate messages of interest to users of each route.

VARs who sell our service Public Transport Monitoring get following benefits:

    • The first to take the initiative is typically favoured in this market, as latecomers to the market often face customer acquisition costs.
    • Our platform boasts tremendous opportunities with many potential customers. VARs are able to create websites for a variety of different clients, including intercity transportation companies, city transit, schools, universities, colleges, and more. It is also possible to manage the websites directly while taking advantage of advertising revenue.
    • Advertising administration for websites can be delegated to specialized companies.
    • VARs are able to offer our services from their own brand or identity.